A Good Diver Never Quits Learning

We specialize in private lessons and will tailor them to fit your schedule! We offer snorkeling classes for children and family, and scuba classes from beginner to assistant instructor. We also offer underwater Swimming Pool repair for both commercial and residential pools. Installation of floating docks (marinas) also available by using Helix coils.

Also available are specialty classes such as: underwater photography, underwater videography, altitude diving, deep diving, search and recovery, rescue diver, night diving, dry suit diving, underwater photography, wreck diving, equipment specialist, EAN Nitrox tank diving, and new high-tech specialty full facemask with underwater communications. Dave, our instructor, is the only one in the area qualified to certify a diver in this specialty. Classes run continually, please call for start dates.

We also offer refresher classes for those who are certified and have not been diving for awhile. MC Candless Scuba can certify and recertify in CPR, First Aid training, and Emergency First Response for individuals and groups. I am the only listed DAN O2 provider instructor in the Pittsburgh area.

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  Diving Equipment and Supplies
Our Selection Includes a Wide Range Of:
  • Wet and Dry Suits
  • Full Face Masks with Underwater Communication
  • Mask, Fins, & Snorkel Sets
  • Sea and Sea Underwater Photography Equipment
  Brand Names
We Carry All Major Brand Names of Equipment, Including:
  • Harvey's Dry Suits
  • Cressi-Sub Authorized Repair
  • IDI
  • Ocean Reef
  • Sport Diver's Accessories
  • Princeton Lights
  Diving Trips
We Host a Variety of Diving Trips to Great Diving Spots Including:
  • Aruba
  • Belize
  • Cozumel
  • Cuba
  • Bonaire
  • Australia
  • Bahamas
  • Micronesia
  Sport Diver Accessories
  Swimming Pool Repair
Pool leak detection and repair service-No need to drain your pool, we can repair your leak underwater. Satisfaction guaranteed. Save on unnecessary water bills. Easier to maintain your pool's pH Balance. We have the equipment and experience to do your job right the first time.

Installation of commercial and private boat docks, using Helix Mooring™ coils.

Also a part of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors

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